Over 20 years of witnessing
your achievements

Over 20 years of witnessing your achievements

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The pirate adventure

Treasure hunt, epic adventure

Secret Agents

Secret missions, agile minds


Magic, potions, ancient mysteries!


Playful strategies, lively minds


Heroes in training, courage required

Team Building

The tactical squad

Strategy and Action Mission

The Mario Kart experience

Thrills and chills guaranteed.

Building rafts

Floating team ingenuity

Sleigh building

Thrilling winter adventure

The Activac Rally

Local globetrotting adventure with a team

One minute to win

Fast-paced games, high adrenaline

The culinary challenge

Culinary creativity in competition

The activac Olympics

Athletic challenges, team spirit.

Collective work

Collaborative art activity


Murder mystery dinner

Murder mystery activity


Superhero Day transforms the school into an academy for young heroes, where each student discovers his or her unique superpowers through challenges, games and heroic missions.

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Invite your youngsters to experience an extraordinary adventure with “Superhero Day”. This immersive activity features a series of interactive workshops designed to reveal and develop everyone’s superpowers, from superhuman strength to rapid problem-solving, while emphasizing the importance of courage, altruism and teamwork.


Suggested schedule
: 10:00 à 14:15

The day begins with an introduction where all the youngsters meet the Activac superheroes. These zany characters, still unknown to the world, need your help to recover their lost powers.

The youngsters are then divided into groups and take part in different activities in rotation throughout the day.

Each mission is designed to be both fun and educational, encouraging students to explore their talents and work together for the common good.

A new team of Superheroes is born!


Activity 1 Escape game

Escape the mystery room!

The youngsters are trapped and have to solve the riddles to escape the room.


Activity 2 Creative workshop

With the help of a guided workshop, youngsters make their own personalized masks and accessories. So they shape their characters according to the superpowers they’ve assigned themselves as superheroes.


Activity 3: Foam sword fighting

In a safe, respectful environment, everyone discovers their own powers and learns how to handle the moss sword.


“Superheroes” is a concept designed to appeal to audiences aged 5 to 12. The various activities on offer can take place on your premises or outdoors, depending on the weather and space available.


With Activac, enjoy hassle-free organization. We provide all the materials for a successful educational adventure, allowing you to concentrate fully on the experience on offer.

Stimulates creativity

The activities on offer encourage ingenuity and imagination.

Encourages physical activity

At Activac, we're convinced that it's through movement that students are most willing to learn and excel.

Cultivates curiosity and learning

Young people are intellectually stimulated by new learning and encouraged to open up to new horizons.

Our students felt truly heroic! An action-packed day that boosted their self-confidence.

Ms Blouin


An incredible initiative that captivated and motivated our budding young heroes. Highly recommended.

Pete W.


The workshops were perfectly organized to stimulate both body and mind. A great success!

Mike G.


The experience in pictures

Are you ready to reveal your inner hero?

Take part in “Superhero Day” and save the world!